Watercolor Guest Portraits

Provide an unforgettable favor for your guest with live watercolor portraits!

What to expect:

I will set up at a table at your event with all of my supplies. 

Guests who come by the table will pose for a quick reference photo which I will then turn into a beautiful little portrait by the end of the night. 

Each painting takes on average 6-12 minutes. In general you can assume around 10 portraits per hour booked. This may vary depending on guest engagement with the service.

You may add on optional customization for the stationary with your wedding date and names.

When dry I will place the portraits into protective sleeves and they will be ready for the guests to take them home!


Complimentary Gift!

As a gift to couples who hire me for this service, I offer a more detailed watercolor portrait of them, or the venue. This gift is 8x10in, premade in my studio, and on display at my table during the event. Couples may also add on an additional premade portrait of pets, loved ones, or anything else!

Endless ways to customize!