Hi! I'm Emma King!

Learn a little more about me...

I started Emma King Fine Art in January of 2023, but I have been creating art as long as I can remember. As a child I took private art classes and had the honor of experiencing most mediums. Late in 2022, I learned about Live Event Painting as a service and knew it was my future. I have always loved working on weddings, from floral to photography, to baking. So when I learned about this path, I knew it was right. Since pursuing this path I have worked with the most amazing, couples, vendors, and guests that I have ever met! I always dreamed of a career in fine art, and now I am there. It is a dream come true!

My style for wedding paintings varies, but I typically stick to a semi-realistic style with a bold emphasis on color and light. (For photorealistic paintings, please reach out for a studio commission. )

When I am not painting I am a stay at home mom to my busy 2 year old, and my equally busy cat. I love baking, crafting, photography, travel, and spending time with my sweet and supportive partner.

I am based out of Richmond, Virginia but I will travel anywhere in the world! I cannot wait to meet you and create a beautiful keepsake and lifelong piece of art. 

Snapshots of my life: